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Track record

Our commitment to creating sustainable client value has made our consultants trusted partners for a wide range of clients within our chosen sectors.

Our clients tend to be multinational companies, entrepreneurial businesses, public and family-owned enterprises, as well as foundations, government bodies, educational and not-for-profit institutions. In all of these organisations, we work exclusively at top management and board levels. Our focus is on leaders and their needs.

The following table is extracted from the much longer track record of Witena Leadership Advisory’s successful and sustainable placements and advisory engagements.

Executive Search Consumer

  • Wine and beverage company
    Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer
  • Wholesale convenience products
    Head of Logistics, Head of Purchasing and Head of Finance
  • Swiss fashion company
    Member of the Non-Executive Board 
  • Food & beverage 
    Chief Executive Officer 
  • Major Swiss player in hospitality and catering
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Travelling and lodging services
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Outdoor and sports product
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Swiss retail chain
    Head Business Development food & non-food
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Executive Search Financial Services

  • Global acting Swiss Stock Exchange listed private banking group
    Evaluation of numerous Non-Executive Board Members, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and further Executive Board positions (2004 – 2012)
  • High performing Swiss full-service bank
    Numerous Non-Executive Board Members, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Risk Officer, Chief Information Officer (2005 – 2012)
  • Global acting Anglo-Saxon wealth manager
    Several Non-Executive Board Members
  • International private bank
    Global Chief Investment Officer
  • Bank Association
  • Consumer finance bank
    Chief Risk Officer and Chief Financial Officer
  • Insurance Company
    Chief Executive Officer and Head Marketing & Sales
  • Swiss pension fund
    Chief Executive Officer 
  • Swiss health insurance
    Head Marketing & Sales 
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Executive Search Industrial / MedTech

  • Industrial technology group
    Several Non-Executive Board Members
  • Automotive supplier
    Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Division CEO and Head Marketing & Sales
  • Semiconductor supplier
    Chief Executive Officer and Head Business Unit
  • Industrial conglomerate
    Several division CEOs
  • Industrial conglomerate
    Several Division CEOs and Head Technics & Operations
  • Machinery company
    Chief Executive Officer, Head Marketing & Sales and Head Research & Development
  • Building materials
    Chief Executive Officer and  Head Technics & Operations
  • Energy technology group
    Senior Vice President EMEA, Head Group Finance & Controlling, Head Group Quality, Head Research & Development, etc.
  • Chemicals group
    Chief Executive Officer and Head Sales & Marketing Europe
  • Sensor technology group
    Group Human Resources Manager
  • Laboratory technology
    Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer and Chief Operations Officer
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Executive Search Services and Public Sector

  • Facility management 
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Global onboard service provider
    Operations Director and Head Human Resources for Europe
  • Railway transportation
    Head Regulation and International Affairs
  • Ticketing solutions
    Chief Financial Officer and General Manager Germany
  • Residence group
    Chief Executive Officer
  • National tax authority
    Head Fiscal Policy & Regulation and Head International Tax Affairs
  • National pension fund
    Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer
  • Regional social insurance authority
    Several Non-Executive Board Members
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Executive Search Technology

Industry relatived positions

  • Professional Services company
    Head Business Software Delivery
  • Global online marketplace
    Head Domestic Business Strategy
  • Leading eHealth provider
    General Manager Switzerland
  • Swiss IT & Telco Association
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Ticketing Solutions
    Chief Financial Officer and General Manager Germany
  • Leading Swiss Telco provider
    Head of Online Sales & Marketing

Functional technology positions

  • Swiss health & accident insurer
    Chief Information Officer
  • Swiss health insurance company
    Chief Information Officer
  • Regional universal bank
    Head IT-Architecture and Security, Executive Board Member
  • Regional universal bank
    Head Logistics, IT & Real Estate
  • Leading electronics distributor
    Chief Information Officer
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Leadership Consulting M&A Leadership Due Diligence

  • Globally operating supplier for trade fairs, exhibitions and events
    Mapping of key people’s management capabilities and verification of the alignment in regard to vision, strategy and dynamics. Recommendations relating to fields of action and organisational structure.
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Leadership Consulting Succession Management

  • Global leading FinTech company
    Set up an external succession pipeline with global reach for all executive board roles - group CEO, group CFO, group CIO and the Division CEOs:
    - Continuous market research, profile screening and establishment of a trustful relationship with the most promising executives.
    - Half-year reviews with the nomination committee of the non-executive board and regular comparison with the internal talent pool.
    - Based of the ongoing succession management, a sudden vacancy of a Division CEO has been filled within a short time frame.
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Leadership Consulting Board Consultation

  • Leading Swiss universal bank
    Appraisal of all non-executive board members in respect of FINMA and corporate governance requirements, diversity, individual skillsets and the management as a whole. Suggestions of complementary training measures.
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Leadership Consulting Executive Coaching

  • Coaching of senior individuals and of executive committees for numerous companies in a wide variety of industries in respect of strategic, managerial or dysfunctional issues.
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