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Sustainable value for clients

From our founding, the partners of Witena Leadership Advisory have sought to do far more than complete executive search assignments of superb quality. Our goal is higher and more daring: we strive to create sustainable value for our clients.

To do that, we have created an innovative business model. We think it has redefined the concept of performance in executive search.

The responsibilities of a typical executive search firm end once a candidate takes up a new role. At Witena Leadership Advisory, we only consider an assignment successful once the candidate has been on the job for a year, and has met expectations that are defined before the search begins.

Every aspect of our business model is oriented to this long-term goal. We strongly prefer quality to quantity, and we only take on work where we are confident that we can deliver outstanding value. We analyse each situation with care, tailoring the search to the specific needs of the client. In contrast to consultants in large firms, our search partners’ market approach is different. We are “hands on” – meeting all candidates personally, and even placing all telephone calls to candidates. We use proprietary tools to analyse organisational culture and check candidate fit. Once a candidate is placed, we provide regular integration and coaching sessions for the hiring firm and the newly placed leader. We assess the new executive’s fit and performance throughout his or her first year, providing timely intervention should it appear that mutual expectations are not being met.

Our professional arrangements also support our aim of creating sustainable value for our clients. All of our search work is done on a fixed professional fee, agreed in advance. During the search phase, fees are paid in sequential instalments as the work is completed. The success fee, a substantial portion of the total, only becomes due once the new leader has been successfully integrated into the client organisation.

“Once we decided that our mission was to create sustainable client value rather than simply to complete executive searches, everything had to change. In the end, we evolved an entirely new business model, one where we and our clients share responsibility for creating real, sustainable value.”

Alessio Lucchini

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